English Advising

All undergraduate English advising takes place through Navigate. Log into Navigate and look for "ENGLISH DEPARTMENT ADVISING." Then make selections for SERVICE (major, minor, other), MEETING TYPE (in-person or zoom), DATE, and TIME.

Advising, whether in person or online, is meant for checking in on how your semester is going, planning for the next semester, and obtaining course permissions for courses you need to graduate. We look forward to assisting you!

For other forms of advising, please refer to the list below:

Course Descriptions

Lehman English's curriculum decenters European-based literature courses while foregrounding courses that reflect the diversity and complexity of our many literary and cultural traditions. Our curriculum features specializations in Literature, Creative Writing, and Professional Writing. Our advisors are available for one-on-one sessions to help you complete your BA in as smooth and timely a way as possible.

To register for courses, log into CUNYfirst (and ScheduleBuilder) and search for courses in English literature (ENG) and English writing (ENW). Permissions are needed for ENG 300 and ENG 350 and all graduate courses.

English Advising - General Information

Permission is not advising!
  You must meet with an advisor one-on-one to discuss Transcript Reviews, iDeclaration of Major or Minors, Transfer Credit Evaluations, Program Planning and Major Worksheets, Graduation Audits, Signatures, and General Advising needs.  Be prepared! Have your EMPLID ready.  If you are seeking transcript evaluation, have course descriptions on hand.

Waitlists, Open Seats, and (No) Overtallies:  Prior to the start of classes each term, waitlisted students are added to courses in order as seats become available.  Once classes begin, waitlists end and students may register only for courses with available seats.  Keep your eye open for emerging seats on CUNYfirst during Late Registration!  The English Department does not do overtallies. 

English Advising provides advisement and permissions for English Majors and Minors, Professional Communications Minors, English Graduate Studies, and all students taking Lehman English courses.  (Students seeking advisement and permissions for FYI Composition courses should direct inquiries to fyi.office@lehman.cuny.edu.

Most of our ENG/ENW 100/200-level courses meet General Education and/or Writing Intensive requirements.  Students who take a 200-level ENG or ENW course need only three more courses to complete an English Minor in Literature, Creative Writing, or Professional Writing. Several departments outside English require majors to take a 300-level literature or a creative/professional writing course in the English Department.

Several of our professional writing courses, including ENW 300, ENW 305, ENW 307, ENW 345, ENW 318, and ENW 320, are required for majors in other departments. Students who take ENW 201 (Writing Essentials) or ENW 217 (Editing Essentials) + one ENW course related to their major are already halfway to a Minor in Professional Communications.

Frequently Asked Questions: