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Continuing Education Certificate Programs

Alcoholism & Substance Abuse Counselor Online

Lehman College's online substance abuse counselor program in the Bronx is designed for health and human services professionals, educators, clergy, and employee assistance personnel who wish to enter or advance in the field.  There is demand for credentialed alcoholism and substance abuse counselors (CASACSs) with a sound clinical foundation, as well as sensitivity to client population diversity.


  • High School diploma or equivalency.
  • Program is taught 100% live online. Computer skills are required.



You must complete all required courses listed with a grade of C or better to earn a Lehman Certificate. To request your Lehman Certificate, please email with “Certificate Request” as the subject line.

CASAC Credential: Satisfactory completion of 350-hours of education/training, supervised practical training, and documented work experience as well as passing the New York State Office of Alcoholism and Substance Abuse Services (NYS-OASAS) written examination are required for a the Credentialed Alcoholism and Substance Abuse Counselor (CASAC) designation. For complete information on the CASAC credentialing process in NYS, please go to:


Credential applicants are required to complete 350 clock hours of coursework covering 4 categories of knowledge. This training is provided under New York State OASAS Provider # AI 0157.

Section I: Knowledge of Substance Abuse Disorders (85 Hours)

  1. Overview of Alcolhism and Substance Abuse (ASC 01 / 13 sessions / 40 hours)
  2. Diversity of Treatment Interventions and Approaches (ASC 02 / 15 sessions / 45 hours)

Section II: Alcoholism and Substance Abuse Counseling (150 Hours)

  1. Counseling Issues I: Individual and Group Counseling (ASC 24 / 15 sessions / 45 hours)
  2. Human Growth and Development (ASC 26 / 10 sessions / 30 hours / LEHC)
  3. Counseling Issues II: Family Counseling and Relapse Prevention (ASC 27 / 13 sessions / 40 hours)
  4. Counseling Issues III: Communicable Diseases and Special Populations (ASC 28 / 12 sessions / 35 hours)

Section III: Assessment, Clinical Evaluation, Treatment Planning, Case Management, and Patient Family and Community Education (70 Hours)

  1. Treatment Planning, Clinical Documentation and Discharge Planning (ASC 31 / 10 sessions / 30 hours)
  2. Assessment, Clinical Evaluation, Case Management and Referral (ASC 33 / 13 sessions / 40 hours)

Section IV: Professional and Ethical Responsibilities (45 Hours)

  1. Ethics, Ethical Practice and Counselor Wellness and Responsibility (ASC 42 / 15 sessions / 45 hours)

Optional Offering

  1. CASAC Exam Preparation Course (ASC 60 / 3 sessions / 9 hours)


Rory Gilbert
Phone: 718-960-8864

For COURSE SCHEDULES or to REGISTER click this link.