English for Everyone

If your passion is reading, writing, cultural critique (of books, films, tattoos, comics, and more), journalistic feature writing, poetry, drama, technical writing, Diaz, Shakespeare, Adichie, Dove, Walcott, Dickinson, Santiago, storytelling, podcasts and open mics, new media, and/or digital literacy and humanities - then Lehman English is the right place for you to major or minor.  Welcome!  Meet with an advisor, aim for the English Honors Program, consider putting together a Humanities Internship, talk to your peers and professors, and consider your career  and graduate study options. 

If you're not an English major but still love what English majors study, sign up for an English Minor today! 

Many students are surprised to find that a Gen Ed ENG/ENW 200-level course plus 300-level course they can't resist may get them halfway to an English Minor in Literature, Creative Writing, or Professional Writing.  All of these are great minors to put on your transcript and resume, as they show employers and graduate programs that you have the reading, writing, and communicating skills to succeed in an ever-changing workplace where humanities flexibility is prized. 

Another great minor for English majors and non-majors alike is the Professional Communications Minor, which sharpens your general writing skills, trains you in a particular writing area (Business, Health/Sciences, Sociology, Technical Writing, etc.), and then teaches you to write and communicate effectively online, in the boardroom, and to the specific audiences you want to reach. 

Many English courses are Writing Intensive and several often "meet with" LEH 352 sections, allowing students to satisfy multiple College requirements at once. 

Make an appointment with Undergraduate Advising today - you'll be glad you did!

Course Levels

  • 100-199: Introductory / Composition
  • 200-299: General Education
  • 300-499: Major and Minor
  • 600-699: Institute for Literacy Studies
  • 700-799: Graduate

The Department regularly offers courses in English as a Second Language, including ESL 103 and ESL 104.

For current course offerings, log in to CUNYfirst and search for courses in English literature (ENG) and English writing (ENW).  Past course offerings are also visible on CUNYfirst (by year/semester).