Welcome to the English Department at Lehman College, CUNY. We are a vibrant community of readers, writers, scholars, and professionals made up of students and faculty from the Bronx, New York City, and the surrounding tri-state area. Our course and program offerings are normally available via both web-enhanced courses featuring stimulating face-to-face discussions in smart classrooms and our Multimodal Learning Lab, as well as online or hybrid courses for working or distance students. This year we are all engaged in the great project of reimagining our scholarly and creative work online in a multiplicity of rich and open and productive ways. We are persisting!

From the Chair, David Hyman

In response to student and faculty demand, we have developed a new English B.A. curriculum, emphasizing inclusion and equity as well as the rich cultural resources of our teaching and learning community. Full information about literature courses and writing courses can be found on in the Lehman Undergraduate Catalogue or on CUNYfirst.  We invite you to read our faculty's June 2020 letter to students, situating our curriculum revision in 2020 protests for racial equity and justice.  We also invite you to read the opening paragraphs of the rationale for our new curriculum, which we shared with the College and CUNY as part of the curriculum-review process.  We're grateful to the students and faculty whose views have fueled and sustained us during this important work.  

Our Students Include

  • Undergraduate Majors in English Literature, Creative Writing, or Professional Writing who want to develop the intellectual range and analytical and research skills required for professional careers.
  • The many talented, hard-working and ambitious Majors in the Department's multi-year English Honors Program (EHP), of which a dozen or so write senior honors theses each year, doing pre-professional research and writing in one-on-one tutorials with faculty mentors.
  • Undergraduate Minors in English Literature, Creative Writing, Professional Writing, or the interdisciplinary minor in Professional Communications (open to all majors including English) who want to strengthen their transcripts with evidence of their training in analysis, research, and online writing.
  • Graduate Students - many of them our own strong BA graduates! - pursuing an affordable first-rate MA in English who want to reap the rewards of working with nationally recognized scholars and creative writers in small seminar settings.  Plus students from other Lehman graduate programs—including MA-English Education, MA in Liberal Studies (MALS), and MS-Literacy Studies—as well as post-MA students looking for professional promotion via graduate courses in Literature, Writing and Rhetoric, Creative Writing, and (soon!) Professional Writing.
  • Undergraduate students seeking General Education and Writing Intensive courses in the broad spectrum of English, American, and Anglophone literatures in English.  Plus upper-level students from all majors—including Econics and Business, Health Science, Education, Speech Pathology, Sociology, and Social Work—seeking advanced training in professional writing.
  • The English Department offers one-on-one Advising for all students taking courses above the General Education level, including graduating seniors and graduate students planning their profession-level academic careers.

For advising/permissions information, see the English Advising page.