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Administration: Campus Office Services

Campus Office Services

Purchasing, printing, duplicating, reprographics and mail & package delivery are all services that fall under Campus Office Services purview. The office under the Campus Office Services umbrella are integrated in the fabric of Herbert Lehman College and provide essential support services to the entire college community by coordinating the requisition and purchase process of all commodity goods and services, seamless receipt, delivery and pick up of mail and packages and copying and printing services.

The goal of this office is to provide quality and cost effective academic and administrative support to the Lehman College campus community. It is the aim of the Campus Office Services to provide outstanding professional and customer services to our clients.

We are located in Shuster Hall and the office hours are from 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m, Monday through Friday.


Marvin Smith

Procurement Director 
Office: Shuster Hall, Room 022
Phone: 718‐960‐8209
Fax: 718-960-7392

Miguel A. Pacheco

Print Shop Supervisor
Office: Shuster Hall, Room 056
Phone: 718‐960‐7263
Fax: 718-960-8935

Bharat B. Sharma

Mail & Central Receiving Supervisor
Location: Music Building, Room SB015
Phone: 718‐960‐8479
Fax: 718-960-7319