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Administration: The Office of Financial Operations - Bursar Office

Tuition Payment Options

Online Payment

Online Payment (e-check or credit card)

This informative video shows how to submit an eCheck payment or see the details below.

  • To make an online one-time payment, select the make a payment link on your Student Center page (make sure your pop-up blocker is disabled).
  • Select Make Payment from the left-hand menu.
  • You will see a screen that displays all of the CUNY schools (past and present) associated with your EmplID. Next to each school will be a payment amount box.
    • Since each school is listed, each payment amount box either will be populated with a dollar amount if you owe money to that school, or will be blank if nothing is owed.
    • You can choose to pay the entire amount in the payment amount box.  Or you can choose to override the pre-populated amount and enter the amount you wish to pay in the payment amount box next to the school you want to pay
    • DO NOT enter amounts into payment amount boxes of schools with no amounts due.  If you do, a payment will be made to that school.
  • After you enter your bank information you will see a screen asking: “Is this eCheck information correct?”  Before you finalize your payment, review your payment information to:
    • Make sure you are only sending money to a school where you have outstanding charges.
    • Confirm the amount.  
    • If the information is wrong, cancel and start over.
  • If you finalized an incorrect payment, immediately contact the Office of the Bursar of the school you made the payment to.
  • There is no additional fee for using this payment option.
  • There is a 2.65% service fee (of the full payment submission) charged for a credit card payment.

Nelnet Payment Plan

How to Enroll

  • Log into your CUNYfirst account, and select “HR Campus Solutions”
  • Click on “Self-Service”, and select “Student Center”
  • Go to “Finances” and select “Enroll / Manage Payment Plan”

For additional help, please contact Nelnet at 888.470.6014 or visit mycollegepaymentplan.

Please click here for the current payment plan schedule.

View the Payment Plan Video  (This is a link on the existing Bursar “ Payment option” page).

Third Party Payment

If you are expecting your tuition to be funded by an outside third party, such as a scholarship or fellowship from an organization outside of Lehman College, by your employer, or by a private loan, you must notify the Bursar and provide documentation before your bill due date to avoid class cancellation.

Note: Financial aid will appear on students’ bills automatically when the aid has been approved.

Advisory: Enhanced Credit and Debit Card Payment Options for Tuition and Fees 

This is to advise you that CUNY has made changes to the procedures for using a credit or debit card for tuition and fees payments.  CUNY is committed to providing its students with the highest level of service.  Therefore, CUNY has enhanced credit and debit card payment options for tuition and fees.

Previously, credit or debit card payments were limited to only those individuals participating in the Payment Plan. Effective August 2019, students now have the option to make one-time tuition and fees payments through CUNYfirst Self-Service (gateway).  Electronic payment options for the gateway now include credit and debit card as well as eCheck. (An eCheck is an electronic version of a personal check used to make payment online.  Similar to a personal check, the funds are taken directly from the student’s bank account.)

CUNY is working with Nelnet Campus Commerce (Nelnet) to provide you the credit or debit card payment option through CUNYfirst.  Nelnet will charge a service fee of 2.65% for each card payment you make.  The service fee is based on your tuition and fees payment amount.  Nelnet will advise you of the service fee amount before you decide whether to use a credit or debit card to pay your tuition and fees.  The service fee is in addition to the tuition and fees payment and will appear as a separate charge on your cardholder statement.  CUNY receives no part of the service fee.  Be sure to note the service fee amount before initiating your credit or debit card payment.

In Person Payment

Our office is available for in-person services Monday – Friday, 9am – 4pm. We accept cash, checks, and money orders only. We do NOT accept debit or cards at the Bursar windows. Please be sure to include your EMPLID (Student ID number) on all checks and money orders.

By Mail

When sending payment by mail, please allow sufficient delivery time to ensure timely arrival. The Bursar’s office cannot assume responsibility for checks and money orders delivered late. Please ensure all required fields on the check and money order are filled out, and include your EMPLID in the memo section. All mail intended for the Bursar Office should be addressed to: Attention: Bursar Office – 031 Shuster Hall 250 Bedford Park Blvd W Bronx, NY 10468