From the Department Chair, Dr. Humberto Lizardi

Humberto LizardiPsychology at Lehman College is a research-oriented program that incorporates quality undergraduate education into the research process. The Psychology Department has one of the largest number of majors at Lehman College. Students use their training in psychology to enter a variety of careers in business, education, and mental health, to name just a few. Many of our graduates enroll in masters or doctoral programs and some even pursue academic careers. Students are encouraged to participate in faculty research programs faculty members for information about their research), and all students are required to take courses in statistics and experimental methods before graduating. The Department's past and present faculty includes more recipients of the Lehman College Excellence in Teaching Award than any other department at the College. In fact, four current faculty have received this award. Excellence in teaching is a hallmark of the Psychology Department.

Most of the Department's faculty regularly publish their research in respected peer-reviewed journals and present this research at local and national conferences. Several faculty are affiliated with CUNY doctoral programs (in Neuropsychology, Experimental Psychology, Biopsychology, and Anthropology) and with other institutions, such as the NYU School of Medicine. Most of the faculty's research is supported by major grants from the National Institutes of Health (through the Support of Continuous Research Excellence Program - SCORE) and National Institutes of Mental Health (through the Minority Research Infrastructure Support Program —M-RISP), as well as from internal CUNY sources. Psychology ranks high among Lehman departments in the obtainment of external grant monies. Faculty research has the additional benefit of providing undergraduate students with the opportunity to gain valuable research experience through working with faculty members.

To provide support and motivation for students interested in pursuing graduate studies in psychology. The Department is especially committed to preparing disadvantaged and underrepresented minority students for graduate study in psychology. To learn more, please view the video below.