Meet the Class of 2022: Felipe Maysonet

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A Latino man wearing a mortarboard smiles at the camera

Felipe Maysonet
B.A., Media Communications, Journalism minor

“At LaGuardia Community College I was valedictorian and student speaker. I initially got a scholarship to NYU. But for me, it's not about names or numbers. Lehman had a great reputation, and knowing I could be surrounded by other BIPOC students, I thought ‘this is the place that I want to be.’

Being part of student government and organizations gave me the experience I need to move ahead. I feel good that I can now call on colleagues for insight and understanding, and they can count on me too. 

My hope is to get a graduate degree in social work or education and to mix in my creativity and media experience. I've always been involved in the arts, and I’d like to combine these things to provide professional development and life skills to communities that are underserved.

When you’re the first in your family to get a college education, it's a value that you transmit to your community and your family. That comes with a lot of pressure, but it keeps me focused on things I'm passionate about—like making education a priority for those who may think that they could never do it.”