Education, teaching, learning, assessment, students are words that are at the core of all the work we do. But add to the mix: technology, new media and 21st Century education and the methodologies we use to meet learning objectives are being transformed.

The goal of the School of Education Office of Educational Technology was initially designed to support faculty to incorporate new technologies and digital media seamlessly into their work, from coursework and assignments to meeting standards and learning objectives, from in-person classrooms to online student, peer, faculty collaborations, from research to assessment, from meeting the needs and challenges of preparing teacher candidates to ensuring student achievement and success in our public schools. In addition to supporting faculty, the Office of Education Technology began to support teacher candidates in using technology in teaching and learning with their PK-12 students.

Throughout the academic year, the Office of Educational Technology continued to lead and offer educational technology workshops to students and faculty. A digital badge, "Teaching & Learning with Technology," is now available to candidates, faculty and even cooperating teachers upon completion of 10 hours of professional development.

Teach and Learn with Technology = Inspire. Inquire. Integrate. Innovate. Influence
Education Technology