The Department of Latin American and Latino Studies offers two majors, in Latin American Studies and Latino/Puerto Rican Studies, and three minors, in Latin American Studies, Latino Studies, and Mexican and Mexican American Studies. Many of our basic courses fulfill both major and minor and Pathways requirements. In addition, our faculty participates in the LEH curriculum and the CUNY Institute of Mexican Studies. We cross-list courses with African and African-American Studies, Women’s Studies, History, Spanish, Sociology, Anthropology, Politics and Economics. Our interdisciplinary Latin American Studies (LAC) major describes and analyzes the vital role of Latin America and its diasporas in the current climate of globalization. Our Latino Studies major (LTS) centers on Latinx and Caribbean communities in the United States with a special focus on New York’s largest and most historically significant populations: Puerto Ricans, Dominicans, and Mexicans. Look to this homepage for up-to-date information about our exciting events over the course of the semester and "like" us on our Facebook page. And feel free to contact the department faculty to discuss any questions related to our programs and courses.