Message from the Interim Dean, Teresita Levy

Teresita Levy Welcome to the School of Arts and Humanities. As the School’s Dean, it is a pleasure to work with departments who fulfill Lehman College's mission of offering a strong liberal arts education with vibrant programs in the performing arts, the visual arts, and the humanities. Our undergraduate and graduate degree programs are among the best in the Bronx, and every year we put on numerous art exhibitions, dance recitals, music concerts, plays, multimedia productions, poetry slams, and television shows and radio shows, as well as public lectures and conferences. Our faculty are an incredibly talented group of professors who have been honored with Fulbright Scholarships, Woodrow Wilson Fellowships, Mellon Fellowships, and Franklin Research Grants, as well as with awards for their creative works, including an Oscar, an Emmy, and numerous artist residencies. They are committed to teaching the next generation of teachers, journalists, editors, musicians, artists, performers, lawyers, and professors.

The School of Arts and Humanities offers over thirty majors and forty minors. You can choose from majors in which you create original works, like Art, or Film and TV Studies, or Computer Graphics and Imaging (CGI); majors in which you perform on stage or in front of the camera, like Music, or Theatre, or Dance, or Multimedia Performing Arts; majors in which you develop your skills at writing and conducting your own research, like English, or History, or Journalism, or Philosophy, or Africana Studies; and majors in which you deepen your knowledge of languages and cultures, like Spanish, or French, or Italian, or Linguistics, or Latino Studies. You can also add minors in areas such as Women’s and Gender Studies, Disability Studies, Digital Music Applications, and Professional Writing. We also offer master’s degrees in Art, English, History, Spanish, and Applied Music and Music Teaching, and we contribute to the master’s degree in Liberal Studies. For more information on our undergraduate and graduate programs, click on the links to undergraduate degrees and graduate degrees.

With mentoring from our outstanding faculty, our students have received Fulbright teaching fellowships, Gilman scholarships, and Chancellor’s Global Scholarships to travel abroad. They have won prizes, awards, residencies, and scholarships for continued study. They have gone on to enroll in many different kinds of advanced degree programs, including M.A., M.F.A., M.S., M.P.A., J.D., M.B.A., and Ph.D. programs, started their own businesses, and pursued a variety of careers. For more about their achievements, click on the links to student success.