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Writing Intensive Course Requirements

All students at Lehman are required to take courses labeled as writing intensive. Individual sections of courses will be designated as writing-intensive, and students may take writing-intensive sections of courses in General Education, major, minor, and elective courses. These sections are taught with an emphasis on developing the writing, thinking and communication skills that are essential to a college education.
Students must complete up to four courses designated as writing-intensive, three prior to earning the 60th credit and one following. Freshmen and transfer students who have completed less than 30 college credits must complete four courses designated as writing-intensive; students who transferred at least 30 but less than 60 college credits must complete three courses designated as writing-intensive; those who have transferred 60 or more college credits must complete two courses designated as writing-intensive.

A Writing Intensive section is identified by a Writing Intensive Course Attribute in CUNYfirst. To search for Writing Intensive sections, select the “Writing Intensive” option under the “Course Attribute” drop down menu in the CUNYfirst class search page. Writing Intensive course sections change from semester to semester. The Schedule of Classes will indicate the Writing Intensive sections.

Flexible Core/Distribution courses, as well as many LEH courses, frequently have Writing Intensive sections. Many of the popular major concentrations also have Writing Intensive sections in intermediate or advanced courses required for the major. Writing Intensive sections in these major courses are often taken by students to meet one of their Writing course requirements.