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Characteristics of Students Graduating from Lehman College

Critical thinking skills: As self-directed learners with the habit of asking “why,” students use evidence-based reasoning and logical argumentation.¬† Students synthesize information and knowledge across disciplines to their own perspectives, positions, and interpretations.

Competence within at least one discipline:  Students demonstrate understanding of the central theories, core literature, terminology, methods, practices and current issues within their disciplines as well as how their discipline related to other disciplines. They are capable of integrating knowledge from other disciplines as appropriate.

Skills in quantitative reasoning, information literacy, and research: Students capably comprehend, analyze, interpret and present quantitative data. Students can, ethically and legally, identify, locate, comprehend, analyze, and evaluate information from a multitude of sources to solve diverse problems. Students are capable of conducting primary and secondary research involving the collection, analysis and synthesis of data.

Outstanding communication skills in diverse media: Students effectively communicate with diverse audiences in diverse settings and through diverse media as well as use appropriate rhetorical strategies with different audiences.

Multicultural, global and ethical awareness of diverse peoples and communities: Students respect individual differences and demonstrate empathy towards diverse viewpoints, values and experiences.

Ability to work collaboratively as part of a team: Students contribute as team members to building consensus and share their skills and knowledge.

 Potential for leadership: Students assume leadership roles to build capacity in their communities.