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Resources at Lehman College for Teaching with Technology

Classrooms, Video Conferencing, Distance Teaching, Development

Classrooms -- NE corridor: The PC Rooms C120,121,122,124,125,126  || The Mac Rooms C118,119
The Computer Graphics Room ||
Development: The Faculty Lab -- NW corridor ||
Presentation:   The Seminar, C141 -- NW corridor ||
Special Rooms:  Carman B38 The Ed-Net or I-Net room for Video Conferences || Carman C14 The facility for MDS and HETS -- this facility may be used by itself, ie., locally, or connected to other CUNY campuses, or to a HETS site, via satellite.

Courses that make use of the Web, and other relevant information:

  • Possibilities: some or all course materials online, e-mail contact, ...
  • Copyright, Fair Use Guidelines, stylesheets ...
  • Creating web pages
  • Using Blackboard
  • Scanning
  • Help documents and handouts: consult or print -- for faculty and/or students, ...

  • Help for people using computers at home, at work, at Lehman -- two pages
  • Online Help: Internet, access, use, file transfer, Lehman e-mail -- one page
  • Handout for students in courses using Blackboard -- one page

  • Room reservations:

    Jean Warfel tel 8254  fax 7336 for a classroom, Migdio Dominguez x 8336 for conferencing in C B38 or C C14
    Al Smith x 8421 for Seminar Room (C114), Nelly Califano x 8421 for Conference Room.

    Workshops and Presentations

    Prepared by Prof. Ursula Hoffmann, last rev. 7/2001, send comments